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If you are currently Homeless, or on the verge of becoming Homeless; go directly to our "Resources" page to seek help...


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Welcome to the Friends of Veterans Website

On behalf of the Friends of Veterans' organization I would like to welcome you to view our website and thank you for your interest in what we do in the effort to end homelessness amongst our veterans. The Friends of Veterans (FOV) is a public non-profit (501(C)3) organization who relies on grants, tax deductible donations, and a variety of fundraisers to support our efforts. Our Board Members and staff are 100% volunteer, which means, 100% of the funds we receive are used towards our efforts to end the homelessness amongst our veterans.

Should you have any questions, or an interest to join or support our efforts, please don't hesitate to contact us! There is always someone in our office on Monday and Thursday from 11:00 - 15:00, additional office hours are by appointment.

Veteran in a Wheelchair

The Scope of the Issue:

It appears that the current homeless rates are at best, estimates; and most authorities agree that the prevailing estimates are grossly understated. In the United States, over 200,000 veterans are homeless on any given night and 400,000 veterans will experience homelessness in any given year; and as such, there are significantly more veterans on the brink of becoming homeless. Unfortunately, given the high unemployment rates and the current trend of fading support resources due to State and Federal budget cuts, the number of veterans who will become homeless and/or stay homeless is destined to climb.

In Vermont and New Hampshire, the homeless rates for our veterans are higher than the national average; Vermont has 9.1% who are homeless, New Hampshire has 9.5% who are homeless, while the National Average hovers around 8.0% who are homeless. It is not surprising that the veteran homeless rates for Vermont and New Hampshire are amongst the highest in the nation because, when compared to the national average, significantly more residents of these two states vounteer for military duty.

The FOV continues to fight the battle against homelessness as it has for the past 32+ years. By advocating for national attention to this issue, educating, building collaborative efforts, and providing direct services, we will continue to be effective in our efforts...

News on Homeless Vets

Strategic Plan Implementation...

The Friends of Veterans (FOV) Organization is currently going through the implementation of a strategic plan that adresses the changing climate as it pertains to serving the homeless veterans in America; as a result, the FOV will emerge as a key component in the Upper Valley's continuum of care consortium.

The Board's strategic plan asks for an intensified effort in the continuation to work with State and Federal agencies, and to build alliances within the statewide coalition for both Vermont and New Hampshire in an effort to assure the homeless veterans receive the needed services.